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The days of having a web site up “just to have a web site up” are long gone.

At First Communications Group, we believe in creating web sites that are not just functional, but serve as a real marketing tool. It’s all part of our continuing effort to promote the right image of our customers to their markets. Our web community hosts a variety of web sites styles to suit your needs. Click here to view additional web host services and our
FCG Web Community.

We do not work with cookie-cutter templates. We strive to ensure that your web site has the right “personality” and visual appeal. Personalities of a web site can range from professional, institutional, “outdoorsy,” and feminine to fun, “moving,” soft and “down-to-business.” Our goal is to design your web site so that it portrays the right unique visual image for your company or organization.

Beyond visual appeal, First Group has the staff with the writing skills to create copy for your web site to be effective in marketing your message as well as meet the search engines' requirement criteria.

At First Communications Group, we design your web site to ensure that it has “value to the visitor.” We continuously ask “What does a visitor gain when he/she visits this site?” The more information (“valuable content”) that is provided, the more likely a search engine will rate a site high. Examples of valuable content include how-to articles, resources, references, product reviews, case studies, tools, tips and so on. First Communications Group understands that the more time a person stays on your site, the more likely he/she will buy your product or use your service.

With our history rich in marketing, we also ensure that every site has a “call for an action.” Whether it be “buy our product,” “become a member,” “invest in our company,” “request a quote,” “donate to our cause” or “hire us as a consultant,” there has to be a “call for an action.” And we make sure all of the elements are in place for the “action”, such as secure shopping carts, e-mail forms, membership applications, and quote forms.

So how much does it cost to design a web site? That question is similar to asking “How much does it cost to build a house?” Because there are many variables involved with the design of a web site, each one has to be quoted individually. We would be happy to sit down with you, draw up a rough outline, and then provide you with a precise quote. Rest assured that we can design a web site for practically every budget.

Our web design skills and knowledge, combined with our marketing and writing expertise, can help your web site be extremely successful.

Honestly, are you embarassed by your existing web site? If you have a web site but are not pleased with its look, effectiveness or findability, we can re-design any aspect of it. This includes, but is not limited to, new layout, improved photos and graphics, improved written copy and fixing general operational errors.

At its most basic level, a web site has to be free of all general operational errors. When it is not, that leads to unfavorable search engine results and, worse, poor first impressions from potential customers. Some examples of operational errors within a site include: broken links (links that do not go to the directed target) and the site cannot to be seen (or does not appear the same) on all browsers (all versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape). Other examples include photos not coming up, animations that do not work, and the site cannot be seen equally well on laptops as desktops. Of course, the site has to come up quickly.

Sometimes a simple tweaking can make vast improvements on a web site.